Weed control

Weed control of planting beds is preformed for aesthetics and to reduce/eliminate competition between weeds and desirable plantings for moisture, nutrients, and sun light.  It is preformed as needed through spring and summer by means of pre/post-emergent chemicals, hand pulling, and/or cultivating methods.

Tree and shrub trimming and pruning

Tree and shrub trimming and pruning is usually preformed twice per year(though some may be trimmed once or not at all).  Benifits include aesthetics, health, and plant size management.

​​Greene's Landscape

Commercial Mowing 

Mowing consists of using professional equipment set at the appropriate height with sharp blades all being done at regular frequency in alternating directions.  This promotes a healthy, thick, well rooted, weed free turf, which is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable in numerous ways.  Trimming of obstacles and edging surfaces provides the best finished/manicured look.


Mulch is usually replenished annually with a 1-1.5 inch layer.  While a base of 4 inches is desirable, thick layers and mulch piled against trunks and plantings can harm them and should be avoided.  Benefits of mulch beyond aesthetics are water retention for plantings, freeze frotection, and weed suppression.

Silt sock/ Erosion contol

We offer a variety of sizes of silt sock installation.  We also install erosion matting.

Spring and fall clean-up

Spring and fall clean-up of leaves, sticks, weeds, or other unwanted materials from lawn and bed areas is necessary aesthetically, but also in preparing the turf and beds for the upcoming seasons and for reducing disease, insect, and rodent problems.

Bed edging

Bed edging can be done mechanically or chemically.  Beds should be edged minimally once per season for aesthetics and to ensure bed size is adequate for plant/turf health, care and protection.

Landscaping - Lawn installation

We provide complete landscape installation from beginning to end.  Landscaping/lawn installation can consists of sod installation,Hydroseeding, site upgrades, renovations, additional trees/shrubs installation, and hardscaping

Snow removal

We offer snow plowing, shoveling, loading/removal, and de-icing services.

Hardscape creations

Our installation of stone, walls, waterfalls, boulder work, patios, or walkways will enhance your landscaping that you already have.  Also, the aesthetic and functional use of hardscaping landscaping could raise the value of your property.